Welcome to FONTEC Tunisian company that specializes in...

Its main activity is based on the production of accessories for the fields of industrial vehicles....

U-Bolt spring Front
U-Bolt spring Rear
Center Bolt
Center Bolt Front
Center Bolt Rear
Center Bolt T.H.
Center Bolt Front Plus
Center Bolt Rear Plus
Hollow Jaw pins (CLM)
Lever Axis/ Stabilising
Jaw pins Ø 30 P. Model
Jaw pins Ø 30 G. Model
Spring Pins Ø 24
Spring Pins Ø 28 Short
Spring Pins Ø 28 Long
Spring Pins Ø 30
Spring Pins Ø 32
Spring Pins Ø 36
Spring Ring Ø 24
Spring Ring Ø 36 SP
Spring Ring special
Spring Ring Ø 28
Spring Ring Ø 32
Spring Ring Ø 32 sp
Spring Ring Ø 36
Bridle of water Alu
Brake Nut M20
Brake Nut M22 (Berliet / Scania)
Brake Nut M24
Brake Nut M27
Gear-Box Nut
Gear-Box Nut Big Model
Stud Bell P. Model
Stud Bell G. Model
Stud Bell dia. 10 Long
Stud Starter Ø 12
Fitting Water Short
Fitting Water Long
Fitting Water N. Modele
Pot exhaust (GLR 200/160)
Pot exhaust (GLR190)
Pot exhaust (TLM/GBH)
Pot exhaust (JP13)
Normal Tulip
Reinforced Tulip
Brake Skate
Binoculars P.M
Center bolt Nut
Exhaust Tube CLM 310
Exhaust Tube CLM 340
Water Tube Bent CLR230
Water Tube GBH 310
Water Tube BERLIET